V. What’s up for the concierges ?

For sure, always in the lobby, sometimes at its forefront, they’ve been embodying the kind of special service a luxury hotel has to offer. In-house referent of a destination, they deliver its secrets, as well as pairing whatever extra needs on-demand. Sometimes have to share some privacy with the butlers, but they are the guys on the picture, holding the umbrella, you can cross the street.

But. We had the premium credit card marketing programs, with dedicated services available by phone. Then there were the Online Travel Agents (BOOKING, EXPEDIA, …), on the basis of one click-one trip. In their wake, online specialists, dedicated to provide solutions for local activities :KlookMonument trackerGet your Guide. As GOOGLE is stepping in and some OTAs willing to extend the booking to lifestyle products (restaurants, retail, etc.), concierges’ future does not look so bright… (Not to mention the ongoing restructuration leveraged by the experiential marketing programs !)

But. Forget this thing , and just wondering why, as online reviews are along with prices the main drivers for a booking, as platforms are infested by fake and unqualified reviewers, no platforms have ever been promoting the sound advices of their hotels’ concierges for sorting out destinations, rejunevating their booking chatbot features, and find an extra resource for enlightening what the selection will deliver at this particular booking date. Enough for avoiding an augmented version of Alexa ?

As GOOGLE is phasing out its buzzy Touring Bird Tours and activities search feature (probably because comparing prices and product features among varying foodie tours, Vatican visits and cooking classes is really difficult), Concierges’ inputs are the best basis for a quality metasearch.


Yan Vacher