I. Bland is the experience

With BELMONT Hotels’ acquisition by LVMH, it’s as listening to a musical theme and its variations : Brands intertwine in a multi-sensorial universe. Immersion arouses emotion and invites the client to build up his understanding of what luxury means, how it should be lived, fostering some worship of self, ego projection, that strengthen brands engagement. Where better to live such an experience if not in a Palace ?

With his plain colours, rid of the object, where looking overlaps understanding, where sensation supervenes upon rationality at first, ROTHKO wanted to free unconscious energies. He said that “without monsters and gods, art can’t enact a drama » and he considered himself a “Mythmaker”.

As machines and I.A are feeding some social anxiety, as the blossoming of megacities is draining people in search of co-ing (work, live), out of the countryside, where we’re from but left to endangered species, there is some human tragic, some mythology where sustains the experiential marketing.

Alterity partly explains the strategical repositioning of IBIS HOTELS by ACCOR.

For extending its customer base (notably the youngsters), IBIS is now betting on sharing, and fun (partnership with the streaming music platform DEEZER, SPOTIFY, SONY MUSIC), in re-designed colorful volumes. The goal is to engage clients in liberating some appropriation work that shall free up some unconscious desire for its repeatability.

This repositioning will undoubtely boost F&B revenues of its affiliates, notably those located in mid-sized French cities enduring some process of desertification.

IBIS is moving from Price-driven computerizing to some value-added pleasure/emotion thing, a worthy upscale by itself. The ongoing development of the FOOD SOCIETY at the feet of the PULLMAN MONTPARNASSE in PARIS by ACCOR (biggest european food court with events, and culinary & gourmet happenings) was an early sign.

In a word, variations of the bland-ing so far, this trend that leads Brands to streamline their identity, for better liberating and addressing the product-sensation associations built up by their clients in response. But not only, those mutations tell us much more, notably how modular spaces for living and working are turning.

Yan Vacher

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